• Marsh Spray Stencil Ink - A Permanent Marking Ink for any Surface

  • Marsh Spray Stencil Ink - A Permanent Marking Ink for any Surface
  • Marsh Spray stencil inks are useful for permanent, legible mark for product identification, shipping information and other useful important messaging or any marking purpose. Its waterproof, fast-drying quality can mark on any surface easily. In our store you find high quality stencil inks of 8 bold, permanent colors that provide maximum coverage with minimal over spray and no running. Our price range varies from $66.26 – $68.98. Bulks in purchase connect with us for discount. Visit this link to buy this product: http://www.usargon.com/product/marsh-spray-stencil-ink-complete-list/ ABM Marking Services Ltd
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