• The Advantages of A Lead Free Range

  • The Advantages of A Lead Free Range
  • A lead free range is one in which no lead-based ammo is used. Both indoor and outdoor ranges like the Hialeah Shooting Range are getting on board with the lead-free movement for several reasons. Avoiding lead contamination is a good idea for avid shooters as well as the environment. Read on for some advantages of a lead free range. 1.) Health of shooters - There have been studies showing the link between elevated levels of lead in the body and exposure to shooting ranges. Both indoor and outdoor facilities can pose a health risk, though indoor facilities are more dangerous because thereís nowhere for the lead to go. 2.) Environmental health - Itís not just the shooters that can benefit from going lead-free. The environment can also stand to have a little less lead in its system. When bullets are left on the ground, birds often eat them, delivering unnatural amounts of lead into their systems. This can sometimes be fatal.
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