• Google Marketing Course | 50% off courses

  • Google Marketing Course | 50% off courses
  • Google is the search platform with the largest number of visitors and search queries today. Promarketing Training Center with many years of teaching and researching in the field of Digital Marketing realizes that. Users have a habit of searching on google when they need any information. Especially buying or needing to refer to certain products or services. They feel more secure when interacting with the results returned on google. The information displayed on the website that google returns usually clearly includes: business name, operating address, hotline. Tax code, product booth, online support…. This is the reason why most customers have the habit of using google search for the purpose of finding information, looking for products and services, etc. It is because the clear information is displayed on the website interface that Businesses have created as well as building websites is not easy. If you are a business, there is no reason why you should ignore this great,...
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