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  • The sunroof was predominantly carved out in cars for the European as well as American markets. Here the occupants wouldn’t get much sun as it is. So the sunroof allowed some light in the cabin as well as enabled the occupants to get some much-needed Vitamin D. In India though, we don’t have these issues as the sun is available in its full glory here.In a colder climate area like Mahabaleshwar (hill stations) or Matheran, one can always switch off the airconditioning system and open the sunroof. This will not only get in some fresh air but save a bit of fuel that will otherwise be used in running the AC.If there is any stale air in the cabin or too much heat due to the car being parked directly under the sun, a sunroof helps dissipate it quickly.The coolness (no pun intended) of having a sunroof is unparalleled. Children love it and old parents appreciate it. Everyone will want to travel with you.
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